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For a New Russia: A Necessary Revolution

A Revolution is never desired. It is only a necessity.

When a society is functioning properly, there is never a need for Revolution. There may be tensions, demonstrations or even riots. Regimes can never be perfect and there are always major societal issues to address no matter how developed or stable a state is.

But when the system is completely blocked and refuses reform, it creates a context of tension that can only be relieved by a Revolution. This is a damning fact because Revolutions are never easy and often bring their share of suffering and destruction. But if the changes do not come from above in the form of reforms or compromises, the change comes from below by destroying the very edifice of the Government which did not want to reform itself. It's inevitable.

And unfortunately this is the context in Russia today. Putin was guilty of many crimes during his two decades in power, but none of these crimes was as serious as this invasion of Ukraine. Apart from the extremely important aspects of these crimes such as war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Ukraine, he dealt a fatal blow against the Motherland. And its recourse to increasingly dictatorial policies leaves us no recourse. Somehow, he is guilty of forcing us to the Revolution.

And in truth, we no longer have a choice. Revolution is the only solution. I will detail later the path a new Russian Government must take, but first I must list the reasons which make a Revolution an imperative for Russia.

And these reasons are basically related to the cost of the war in Ukraine.

We do not yet know how and when this war will end. It is quite unlikely that the conflict will escalate via other operations by the Russian army against Georgia or Moldova, given the stagnation of the Russian army in Ukraine. And it is not impossible that in the near future Putin will accept some agreement with Ukraine with a view to engaging in a de-escalation (with a view to reforming its army in order to start afresh).

But no matter when and how this despicable War ends, the consequences for Russia will be the same. It will only be their intensity that will change according to the circumstances. And in any case the logical conclusion will remain the same: the best solution for Russia remains the Revolution.

Because the War in Ukraine has the effect of discrediting the power in place in Russia and as long as it remains in place, it is Russia and the Russians who will pay the price for this War.

The honor of the Russian army has been sullied. Russia's honor as the country that defeated Nazism in 1945 has been completely destroyed. The confidence of the States of the whole world in Russia no longer exists. The economy is deeply affected. The few freedoms we had left have been crushed. We came back to 1991 at the time of the Communist Putsch. All the Russian successes of the last thirty years have been wiped out and the economy is in danger of sinking like it has never been in our lifetime.

Moreover, Putin has spent 20 years solely consolidating his power and fortune (and that of those close to him). This is how today the GDP of Russia represents only 2% of the world GDP (where that of the USSR represented much more). Thus he endangered the stability of the country's economy. If the right reforms had been taken in time, Russia today would have been a much richer and more developed country. Thus no sanction could reach it. Because that is also a big part of the sovereignty of a State : its economic independence. And this independence is not autarky because autarky forces people to beg. And today Putin has destroyed Russia's economic independence because it will be forced to beg from China for its survival. So imagine this ! Russia is again on its knees before an Asian power ! This is the result of Putin's policy: the annihilation of Russia.

He has bogged down our army in a criminal and unnecessary conflict. He tarnished our honor. He endangered the country's economy for his thirst for conquest. He crushed our freedoms for fear of losing power.

He must therefore leave, it is obvious. And he won't do it of his own free will. As long as he remains in power he will seek to consolidate his position by destroying even more freedoms and bringing every person in Russia to heel. He doesn’t care about the honor of his country. He doesn’t care about the well-being of his people or the lives of these fellow citizens. So it's a question of who wins, him or us?

But it is also a question of the survival of Russia itself. Because every day that Putin keeps power, Russia sinks more. A true patriot must recognize this fact and must therefore seek to save the Motherland from this tyrant!

But the Revolution is inevitable for another much more important reason: credibility. For indeed, getting rid of Putin is not enough. Getting rid of his clan and his oligarchs is not enough. It is necessary to rebuild the edifice of the Russian state in its entirety, and for that it is necessary to dynamite the old edifice.

The 1993 Constitution has had its day. And it showed us how much it could allow the concentration of power in the hands of one man. The world cannot trust Russia until it changes from within. Until she shows the world a new face and gives guarantees that such carnage will never happen again through our fault.

A new ruling class, a new civil society, new freedoms and a new mode of government are necessary to liquidate the Putin years and to settle the terrible consequences of the War in Ukraine.

No company will invest in Russia (even if the sanctions are lifted) if a new Russia is not presented. Likewise, no state will trust us and no one will respect us as long as we remain docile slaves.

We are therefore placed before an imperative: the Revolution.

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