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For a New Russia : Call for Revolution

(This Call for Revolution is destined for Russians. I translated it for equality purposes)

Russians! Fellow citizens ! You believe that a special military operation is taking place in Ukraine in order to liberate the brotherly Ukrainian people from a Nazi Government that is on the payroll of the West and which poses an existential threat to Russia. The Power That Be calls on your finest character traits and generosity of soul, while evoking the Great Patriotic War to gain your support and lull your vigilance.

The truth is that you are being lied to. And to consolidate their lie, the members of this Government decided to call the truth “fake” and ban it. The media are now under censorship and no dissenting voice is allowed to be voiced in Russia. The truth is that the Kremlin has rendered itself guilty of a Criminal War which aims to submit our neighbor to its will and to dangle before your eyes the return of a Greater Russia to stay in power a little longer. Our “roof” (criminal term evoking the mafia) wants to keep under its control what it has stolen from us for all these years and to do this, it has created the ideal context to restore a dictatorial regime in the Motherland. In fact, their goal is to put us in a cage and close the iron curtain again so that no one can escape them.

Many of you already know this but prefer not to act so as not to be repressed. The problem with this logic is that you won't be able to avoid getting involved in all of this. If before they came for foreigners and now they come to take your neighbors, tomorrow they will come to arrest you. If you fear for your job and your well-being, know that you will lose them anyway. The only way for you to save your lives and your well being is to revolt before it is too late. If you're afraid of arrests and jail, know that if even a quarter of you take to the streets, it'll be 36,000,000 protesters, and nothing can stop you. There won't be enough police to arrest you all, not enough judges to try you all, not enough prisons to lock you all up. You hold the real power and you have a right to it. So now is the time to use it to get rid of a corrupt elite that is bringing you to your knees, robbing you and committing a historic crime against our brothers in Ukraine.

You don't have much left to lose, and what you have left you will surely lose if you do nothing. The only way for Russia to have a bright future is to get rid of this gang of criminals who are suffocating us. It is also the only way to save the honor and the soul of Russia. It's the only way not to lose face in front of our ancestors who fought for Russia to survive, to be independent and to be respectable. Resistance is our duty.

Soldiers! You have been betrayed. You are sent to a trap worse than Afghanistan without preparations, without explanation and without an overall plan. You are dropped on the Ukrainians like cannon fodder as they defend their Nation as you would if Russia were attacked. You cannot win. Even if Kyiv falls, the Ukrainians will continue a guerrilla war and you will still be in danger. You will die today only to serve the ambitions of an old man and to save the stolen goods of an elite who don't care about you. Don't die for no reason for those who lied to you and abandoned you. Refuse to obey criminal orders to shoot civilians. Turn your guns and cannons against those who sent you there. It is your duty as a patriot to save Russia and today to save it is to bring down this criminal power. This is the only way to free us, to free you, so that you live better and with respect. This is the only way to clear our honor and show the world that Russia is not criminal, only its power is.

Citizens, we must also reverse this power to save our lives and the world because we are at the precipice of a useless nuclear war. No real threat hangs over us. Nobody will attack Russia and nobody wants its destruction. But the Kremlin is able to start a nuclear conflict because it does not want to lose power and it would rather see the world die than be held accountable. They will find or fabricate a justification for this but we must resist. I therefore call on all personnel of Russia's deterrent forces to exercise good judgment and separate real threats to our security from irrational orders leading to a first strike which could mean the end of our civilization and the world for no reason. Remember, Russia has sworn to use its nuclear potential only to react to a strike, not to initiate it!

Russians! Fellow citizens ! The world is watching us. Our ancestors are watching us. Our children are watching us. Everything is in our hands and for too long we thought we were powerless. We must act and we must do it now because the longer we wait the more we will pay with our lives, our well being and our future, the cost of inaction. The sooner we realize this patriotic task, the sooner we will return to a normal and decent life and the sooner we will again be proud to be Russians and proud of Russia. We have nothing to lose except our chains and we have everything to gain! Rise and Revolt !


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